Outcome of Snodgrass Repair in Distal Hypospadias – An Institutional Experience

  • Deepak Thakur


Introduction: Hypospadias is a common congenital anomaly   in which   the urethral opening   is   on   the   ventral   surface   of   the   penis, often associated with ventral curvature of penis (chordee). Many techniques have been descried in the literature for the repair of hypospadias with variable results. This study aimed at outcome following Snodgrass repair in distal hypospadias by a single Urologist.
Methods:        This was a retrospective study conducted at Department of Urology, Birat Medical College from December 2017 to January 2019 during which 16 patients with distal hypospadias underwent primary repair using Snodgrass technique.
Results:          Mean age was 5.12 years and duration of operation was 136.25 minutes. About 56.25% of cases were subcoronal and 43.25% were coronal. Chordee of <30 degree was present in 25% of cases. Complications occurred in 25% cases of which half (12.5%) were urethrocutaneous fistula and rest were meatal stenosis (6.25%) and hematoma (6.25%).
Conclusion:   The outcome of Snodgrass repair in distal hypospadias is satisfactory with acceptable complications and urethrocutaneous fistula is the commonest complication.
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