Awareness for the need of specialized geriatric health care unit in Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital

  • Pandey N, Chitrakar G, Pokharel T


This descriptive study was conducted with the purpose of identifying the awareness for the need of specialized Geriatric Health Care Unit among elderly patient and geriatric nursing care staffs in Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) of Kathmandu. Fifty elderly patients were selected using non-probability, purposive sampling technique. A semi-structured interview schedule was used to collect the data from the elderly patients and focus group discussion was conducted to collect the data from the 10 nursing staffs. An observation of different wards was done to ! nd the safety and comfort measure using checklist. Ethical consideration was maintained throughout the study. Tables and ! gures were used for analysis and interpretation. The study ! ndings related to socio- demographic characteristic showed that 40% of the respondents belonged to the age group of 60-65 years, 42% of respondents were Brahmin caste. 50% was literate. Regarding the physical problems 52% had gastric problem, 36% bone pain, 30% diabetes, 26% kidney problems, 24% hypertension and 22% jaundice. Regarding the types of geriatric health services needed, 48% of respondents said for the need for geriatric care unit and 8 % said that they did not think yet. The duration of physical problems faced by elderly patients, 44% since above 1 year, 16% since 1-7 days. Higher proportion 58% didn’t know about geriatric unit and 42% knew about geriatric unit. Regarding the types of health institutions needed for health services, 48% said for geriatric care unit, 30% said government hospital and 8 % said that they did not think yet.The ! ndings of focus group discussion showed that nobody had received the geriatric nursing care training. All of the 10 respondents said that it is necessary and urgent to have geriatric nursing care training to provide geriatric nursing care. to the elderly patient. Through the observation of hospital facilities the ! ndings showed that there were few facilities as safety measures, equipment and materials for providing care to the elderly patients in TUTH. In conclusion, the ! ndings showed that the separate geriatric nursing care unit and training for the nursing staff is in urge need for providing geriatric care to those elderly patients admitted in TUTH.


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