An Approach to management of penile fracture-  Our Three-year experience at a Teaching Hospital

  • Sunil Basukala BPKIHS
  • Narayan Thapa
  • Bikash Bahadur Rayamajhi
  • Bikram Basukala
  • Saurav Karki


Penile fracture is a rare surgical emergency. It usually occurs as a single rupture of the tunica albuginea in one of the two corpora cavernosa; a rupture of both masses is an uncommon finding. We conducted this study to determine the etiology, clinical presentation and to review the causes and management of penile fracture.
The retrospective study was carried out on 17 patients, admitted in the department of Urosurgery from January 2017 to December 2020 with penile fracture in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Kathmandu. Patient demographic profile, etiology, clinical presentation, time interval from injury to presentation, investigation done, treatment given and intraoperative findings were analyzed.
The main cause of penile fractures was sexual intercourse (82.35%) followed by manual manipulation (17.65%). Crackling sound (100%) followed by penile hematoma and pain were the most common presenting symptoms among the patients.  Surgical exploration and repair of injury was done in all patients.
Most of the time diagnosis of penile fracture can be made reliably by history and physical examination. Early surgical intervention is associated with a good outcome, regardless of the timing of presentation.


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