High risk pregnancy and Fetal outcome at Shree Birendra Hospital

  • Arju Singh
  • R Khatri
  • S Singh
  • R Malla
  • S Thapa
  • I Acharya


Aims: To identify various type of high risk pregnancy and fetal outcomeMethods: This was a descriptive study conducted in Shree Birendra military hospital over a period of nine months.The case  records of all high risk pregnancy were analyzed.Results: Total deliveries during study period was 626.High risk pregnancy identified were 99(15.81%).Previous lower segment cesarean section was the most common identified high risk pregnancy 34(5.43%) followed by young primi 3.19% ,Breech 2.23%.There were total 13 low birth weight baby(13.13%) and 2 stillbirth (2%) as fetal outcome.Conclusion: Identification of high risk pregnancy during antenatal period will reduce adverse perinatal outcome.


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fetal outcome;high risk pregnancy;cesarean section