Award winners of 10th National Conference of SSN.

Best poster presentationDr. Kesh Maya Gurung  Chitwan Medical CollegeVaccum Assisted Closure ( VAC)  Therapy  in Chronic Wounds .SSN Best Resident AwardDr Amit Kumar Singh , KUSMSA Comparative study between laparascopic versus open appendicectomy in treatment of uncomplicated appendicitisDr. Dimindra Karki , KMCTCH,Comparision of Bisap and Ranson’s Scoring  to predict severe Acute PancreatitisDr.Ali Aafee, TUTHRed cell distribution width as a predictor of severity of Acute PancreatitisB and B young surgeon awardDr. Shashi Singh ,Chitwan Medical CollegeClinicopathogical study of gall bladder cancer and its relationship with gallstones. Dr. Surendar Basnet, NAMS,Relation between ABSI Scoring and serum albumin in prediction of burn mortality Dr. Sarada Khadka, BPKIHCentchroman versus Tamoxifen in the management of Mastalgia, Randomized controlled clinical trialDr. Sumita Pradhan TUTH,Laparoscopic Antireflux Surgery – our experience at TUTH Dr. Keshar Bahadur Sah ,  Chitwan Medical CollegeComparative Study between 3 port and 4 ports Laparoscopic cholecystectomy